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Forthcoming Volumes

On 22 November 2014 the Honorary Secretary reported to the Annual General Meeting that the Society’s next volume will be:
The Diary of Corporal Vince Schürhoff 1914-1918
edited by Dr Jim Beach.

The Society also has the following volumes under commission:
Sir John French’s Command Diaries 
edited by Dr William Philpott.

The Papers of General Pierre des Vallières, French Liaison Officer to British GHQ, 1916-1917 
edited by Dr Elizabeth Greenhalgh.

The Military Papers of Major-General JFC Fuller, 1916-1933 
edited by Dr Alaric Searle.

The Papers and Correspondence of Henry Spenser Wilkinson, 1881-1933 
edited by Paul Ramsey.

Jack Churchill, 1899-1919
edited by John Lee.

The Duke of Cumberland
edited by Jonathan Oates.

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